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I also did the same thing when I got the xponent, opened it installed all the software and everything and then followed your directions and it doesn’t seem to be working. At first everything was working fine, so i decided to branch off a bit and use Torq, seeing as the Xponent came with it and I might as well give it a shot. In the input window it should read NONE. I followed your steps and am now able to hear the music through my xponent but none of the buttons work, nor the jogwheels. You don’t need any mappers for it to work – be wary of what mappers you are using since you haven’t obtained them from the official site. I’ll let you know. Posted Wed 09 Jun 10 8:

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Lastly if you own VDJ please register your serial number in your profile. You don’t need any mappers for it to work – be wary of what mappers you are using since you haven’t obtained them from the official site.

Hated it, and went back to VDJ, after a few weeks of playing, my Xponent just froze. Alternatively you can activate general midi and map it manually, but with no leds, progress bars or vu meters.


I almost bought a whole new set-up because I thought my Xponent was dead!!! I tried uninstalling, re-installing, updating drivers, etc.

I would really like to get conecttiv mapper working but it doesn’t look like I’m going to And I have a controlled Torq Xponent.

Can anyone help me out here????

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It really does sound like a driver issue to me. Have you downloaded the latest drivers from M-Audio?

Thanks so much in advance I’m pretty clueless about this stuff brendan Posted Thu 05 Feb 09 In the input window it should read NONE. Paul Posted Sun 01 Feb 09 4: Posted Fri 06 Feb 09 7: Thirdly download the latest trial, install that and see if the Xponent is available in m-audko dropdown box.

I use it for everything including my karaoke.

Maybe tech support will read this and throw us bone. Drag a song and enjoy. Posted Mon 09 Feb 09 1: I have been using virtual dj to mix songs for the past year and love it.


Posted Wed 09 Jun 10 4: I’ll let you know.

Download M-Audio Conectiv Driver / Free

Now the program will look for it the next time you open up VDJ. I closed torq, opened VDJ and got it working using the steps I sent the other day. However a couple of points: When i turn it on, it calibrates, all the lights come m-audoi, then thats it.

One of my jogwheels is stuck so I’m getting a new one. Ive been djing for a few years now and I have become best friends with VDJ.

Download M-Audio Conectiv Driver /

I’ll run everything through again and hopefully it will work with the new one. Posted Wed 09 Jun 10 8: Posted Wed 11 Feb 09 4: Secondly what is the “Bank” switch on the front set to? I opened it and played around alittle, but just enjoy Conecttiv and it’s toys.

At least on VDJ.