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See the related app note. Worked flawlessly as always! Once a month is the limit for these emails, but typical frequency is much less than that. More Info Wireless Data Acquisition: Everything we sell has a day money back guarantee.

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Got incorrect number of bytes from device. Download the software from labjack.

UE9 Series

Subsections UE9 Software Options. Provides convenient screw terminals for the Analog input expansion board that adds 80 analog input channels. Also, this document is designed as online documentation, so the formatting of an offline labjackk might be less than perfect. For data rate information see Section 3. For more information see the UE9 Datasheet. By using USB hubs or Ethernet switches, many LabJacks can be interfaced to a single PC, providing an inexpensive solution for low-speed high channel count applications.

See the related app note.

Mechanical Switch Closure 2. For waveforms, such as sinusoids, you need to send updates 1 at a time to create the desired waveform. Support resources include forum, FAQs, email, and telephone. It is rare for a UE9 to fail on its own, and I can’t say we have ever seen a failed UE9 where the failure was not most likely attributed to damage due labjacl an external influence. The following applications work with the UE9: Rather than downloading, though, we encourage you to use this web-based documentation.


These ticks are commonly used as an excitation You should be able to find it in the Start Menu links. This test panel is a great tool to use often and lets you check out basic hardware operation before trying more complex software. The package for Linux and Mac will allow communication to the UE9, but no similar application is available for Mac and Linux at this time.


Download and install the UE9’s installation package. Provides convenient screw terminals labmack the Skip to main content. Doing so converts these pages to a PDF on-the-fly, using the latest content, and can take seconds.

LJM Modbus Map – Use this tool to discover device features and while developing software to double check register types, names, and functionality.

UE9 Datasheet | LabJack

You should be able to find it in the Start Menu links. Every LabJack is backed by our free Legendary Support, for life.


Other Highlights Optional Accessories: The T7 family is generally superior at a lower price. User menu Login Register Cart Contact.

The timers are very flexible, providing options such as PWM output, pulse timing, pulse counting, and quadrature input.

The analog outputs are based on a true voltage reference. Every LabJack is backed by our free Legendary Support, for life.

Try connecting and disconnecting the FIO4 end of the jumper wire. Applications include high-speed continuous wireless data acquisition, long distance remote sensing and control, or PDA based data acquisition.

If it is not working for you, rather than a normal click of “Save as PDF” do a right-click and select “Save link lsbjack or similar.