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And people complained the note was too big This one works quite well too; it has a maximum distance of 10 meters, and a precision is up to one millimeter. On the iPhone 5s the best activation pattern is pressing the home button and leaving the finger in contact with the button. Sand, dust and dirt resistant Waterproof: This catalogue greatly simplifies when finding the right specialized apps.

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Enrolling the finger at multiple angles does help a bit with the issue, but it doesn’t fundamentally change the experience.

Cat S61 Smartphone Hands-On: First Impressions

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. However, it did show that the air quality was good. Overall, it seems that while no one has a perfect implementation, Apple has the best implementation on the market today. Working with VistaScan was a breeze, because the most common settings such as resolution, zoom and color were easy to adjust.

However, its current location makes the thing rather difficult to use, at least when holding the smartphone vertically. On the other hand, the placement of the button really limits you to middle and index fingers being viable options.

Besides, the software that Bullitt supplies with the phone keeps historical tabs on the measurements, which is quite handy for those who use the S61 regularly to detect VOCs. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Huawei Mate 20 Announcement Live Blog

Holding the Cat S61 using only two fingers is not very comfortable and something tells me that holding it this way wearing gloves will be quite disappointing keep in mind that you should not block the display while using the measurer. The u scored 42 sec while the HP came in at 37sec. The sensor detects features of the finger by measuring the effect that the dermis of the skin has on the electrostatic field that is generated by the touchscreen, and at sufficiently high resolution, the sensor can interpret the effect accurately enough that a map of the finger can be generated.


It’s quite big Being a producer of step-and-scan systems, ASML develops equipment with generic requirements in mind: Opening up the case and dealing with IRQs is not something the average computer user really wants to do. Doing finger enrollment and training at an angle closer to how I actually swipe it naturally at an angle made the accuracy better, but the reality is that unlocking the One max still requires multiple tries more often than not.

Now we have USB. The placement of the fingerprint sensor makes sense given that of the power button.

Huawei Mate 20 Announcement Live Blog

Different makers of semiconductors will have their own specific requirements for their 7 nm and 5 nm process technologies particularly when it comes to on-product as well as mix-and-match overlay capabilities.

The pass through port on the Zip drive doesn’t work with all printers and peripherals. The third key feature of the Cat S61 is its indoor air quality sensor from Sensirion that can detect indoor air pollutants Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs and notify users when an unhealthy environment is detected.

The Galaxy S5 is another phone to join the list of phones that ship with a fingerprint scanner for unlocking the device. Earlier this month Bullitt Group and Cat introduced the new Cat S61 ruggedized smartphone for workers and first responders who have to operate in harsh environments.

Since the fingerprint button still requires activation to unlock the One max, you still need to press power to turn it on before you can swipe your finger and finally unlock it.


ASML Ships Twinscan NXTi Scanner for 7nm and 5nm DUV

Log in Don’t have an account? And people complained the note was too big After that, the fingerprint scanner can be used as a unlock method, along with the Paypal and Samsung Account login as previously stated.

I find myself wishing the fingerprint sensor was itself a button, something like the iPhone 5s, so unlocking could be as simple as pressing and swiping with the same finger. The new machine will be used to make chips using 5 nm and 7 nm nodes and will be required by makers of semiconductors who will have tighter overlay requirements and will have to mix-and-match overlay capabilities between different types of step-and-scan systems.

The big difference is that it’s integrated into the home button on the front of the phone as seen above, although based upon my experiences the home button is the only area with high precision capacitive sensing. In addition to the interface differences, the software is also very different.

Traditionally, the company does not disclose MSRPs of its equipment as final prices depend on multiple factors, including volumes.

Being a producer of step-and-scan systems, ASML develops equipment with generic requirements in mind: Log in Don’t have an account?

If you’re looking scannr an affordable home scanner, and you’d like to jump on the USB bandwagon, the UMAX u is certainly worth considering. The new systems do not necessarily offer a higher wafer throughput when compared to the NXT: Log in Don’t have an account?